Traditional Blush Pink Wedding Bouquet

I get hearts for eyes a lot. When you have about 100 wedding photographers in your Facebook and Instagram feeds and review wedding submissions and love stories every day it’s almost unavoidable. Not that I mind 🙂 But I especially got hearts for eyes for this traditional blush pink wedding from Traci & Troy Photography. It’s simple and classic and timeless and completely joyful. I love all the peachy blush pink details, the custom chalkboard recounting their love story, and the getaway with all those beautiful bubbles. I just love this wedding and this amazing love story—all the hearts for eyes!!

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Lauren and Ryan connected in the summer of 2013 to discuss graduate school. She was considering going back to school for teaching, something Ryan had done eight years earlier, and was encouraged by a friend to reach out to him for any advice/recommendations. They’d known each other through mutual friends for a couple of years, had even exchanged small talk here and there, but had never hung out one-on-one before.


When he suggested they meet at a local restaurant for a beer, Lauren was ever so slightly intrigued, but reminded herself it was just to talk about school. You can imagine her surprise and excitement when their conversation flowed easily from graduate school to pretty much everything else. The more they talked, the more they wanted to know about each other. And when Ryan ordered a second beer, Lauren knew things were going well. So she stayed and they kept talking.


Ryan called the next week to “check in” about grad school and see how her applications were going. He also very smoothly asked her out (officially this time) for that Friday night.


He picked her up Friday evening–wearing a backpack. Before she could ask where they were going, he explained that since it had rained all day, his original plan for Movies in the Park (a traveling outdoor movie theater in Chicago) had been canceled. But since it was sunny again, he assured her that he had a Plan B, but it was a surprise (first date bonus points!!). So she followed him out the door, already glowing with delight.



He took her to a nearby park, Oz Park, and found a secluded bench in a small flower garden for them to sit. He slid off his backpack and started pulling out cheese, crackers, fruit, and a bottle of wine. They had a spread of delicious snacks and a quiet and peaceful park to enjoy—Lauren was already so impressed.


They spent hours on that bench talking—something Lauren realized early on that they were VERY good at—until he finally looked at his watch and realized they’d missed their dinner reservations! It hardly phased them though, and they decided to just head somewhere and split some late night appetizers. At the end of the night, he walked her home. And even though she was exhausted, her excitement kept her from falling asleep 🙂


After a few weeks of dating, they had a conversation while sitting on his rooftop balcony about giving their relationship a “title” and all that “officially dating” business. It was a way for them to move from casually dating to boyfriend/girlfriend territory.



At the end of the night, just before she was about to drive away, Ryan suggested they seal such a good night with a kiss. She just nodded and then—mwah! She pulled onto the street in a daze, hardly believing that she had a boyfriend and a first kiss all in one night!



Within just a few months, they knew their relationship was something unlike any other. There was a deep sense of rightness about it; a peace and confidence that made the cliché phrase “when you know, you know” suddenly make sense.

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Lauren and Ryan made plans weeks in advance to try a new lunch spot during “Chicago Restaurant Week” on Saturday, February 1, 2014. The location was close to Lauren’s apartment, even walkable, so Ryan told her he’d come over mid-morning, they could relax, and then head to lunch.


When February 1st rolled around, Ryan arrived unusually early. Nothing that weird, but noticeable (and cute!) looking back. After some catching up and relaxing, they bundled up—it was snowing like crazy, with already a foot or so of snow on the ground.


Despite the snow, they thought it’d be fun to walk. Plus, they realized they could cut through Oz Park (the very same park where they’d had their first date) on their way. (They’d made sure to visit the park every few months to enjoy each season on their bench.) Thinking ahead, Lauren grabbed an extra large garbage bag so they could sit on the bench and stay dry.


When they got to their bench, it felt only natural to start reminiscing. They remembered their first date and their visits back since. They compared the blizzard-like weather of that day to the summer night from their first date and smiled. The next thing she knew, Ryan was down on one knee in the snow. He’d pulled her up off the bench as he went down. He said all sorts of sweet things and then asked if she would marry him. She said yes and then got down on her knees in the snow to hug him.


{From the Bride} For our wedding day, more than anything, we wanted our marriage to be shared and enjoyed by those whom we love most—our family and close friends. All the details were important as our wedding came together, but we sought to make it simple, timeless, and completely joyful—a contagious joyfulness! We chose a soft, neutral color palette of peachy blush and ivory, and added hints of green in the floral arrangements. Pearl accents highlighted the natural softness in the look of our day.


On the morning of our wedding, I received a finely packaged gift from my groom, delivered by my bridesmaids. I unwrapped a small turquoise box to find a single, sweet pearl hanging from a necklace. It was the perfect finishing touch to my dress and something I’ll always treasure.


Ryan and I decided to have a “first look” before the ceremony so we could savor some alone time together (and get lots of great photos!). He waited outside the church while I did some final touchups. Finally, my bridesmaids and mom walked me outside where I left them to meet Ryan further down the lawn. He was turned away, so I’m not even sure he knew I was approaching.


Once I was ready, I tapped his shoulder and he turned around. It was such an incredible feeling to see his face and know it was our wedding day!!! We spent a few moments lost in our own little world: me a little giggly and both of us a little speechless.


Then it was time for our portraits around the church grounds! While our photographers were busy snapping away, I just kept thinking, “Is this really happening??” (Cheesy, I know, but true.)


I was so lost in the moment that I didn’t even notice a firetruck and a few cop cars swiftly drive into the church parking lot (there weren’t any sirens, thank goodness). Our amazing photographers (and Ryan too—he told me after!) kept solid poker faces the whole time despite noticing everything. They didn’t want to alarm me by mentioning that emergency crews were clearly there for someone in our wedding party.


It turns out my mom and our two flower girls were stuck in the elevator!!! This was only about an hour or less before the ceremony—thank goodness I had no idea. I would have been a mess. Thankfully, they were rescued by none other than the local fire department 🙂 They made it outside for family portraits only a few minutes late, and then everyone about burst telling me the story. All our wedding party had been inside, praying I wouldn’t find out. The whole scene still makes me laugh when I think about it.


Following our traditional church ceremony, as my husband and I threw open the church doors, we were instantly greeted by a shower of bubbles and cheers. I’ll never forget how it felt to make our way through a crowd gathered in our honor in nothing less than a sea of bubbles.


To continue with portraits, we spent time on the beautiful grounds of The Grove Country Club. Before our wedding, we didn’t have a special tie to willow trees, but we do now! Whenever I see them, I think of that day—our perfect day!


{Advice for Couples} The whole season of engagement can become consumed by wedding planning, so be sure to enjoy some plain and simple time together. We tried to be intentional about setting aside regular date nights, but here’s the key: no wedding talk! That’s right, we didn’t allow ourselves to get caught up in all the details of the wedding and instead focused on what was going on in our lives apart from that—work, friends, dreams, challenges, etc. It was hard at first to not talk about details and timelines, but eventually we learned and really came to value our time together without the stress of wedding planning. You’re only engaged for a short time, so try to enjoy it by stepping back from the stress and taking in the fact that you’re about to marry this special person!! It’s a great feeling!


Congratulations, Lauren and Ryan, and thank you so much for sharing your love story with us!! Wishing you both much love and laughter in the many years you’ll share together!! So many thanks to Traci & Troy Photography for sharing their very special day with us today!!


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