Romantic Winter Wedding Bouquet

Not even a snowpocalypse could put a damper on this romantic winter wedding. In fact, the snow made this joyful wedding all the more beautiful! From the bride’s adorable white fur stole to the bridesmaids’ pretty pink mismatched wraps to the gorgeous bouquets and sweet first looks. Then there’s the twinkle lights at the reception and the way the groom dipped his bride during their first dance as husband and wife. My heart be still. Everything is captured perfectly (and oh-so-sweetly) by Robyn Van Dyke Photography.


While Shelby and Sean were born on opposite coasts, they both ended up in Cary, North Carolina, living just 10 minutes from each other for almost 10 years(!!!) before finally meeting at North Carolina State University! And it was all thanks to Hurricane Hanna.

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Though the storm ran rampant through Haiti, and even terrorized the North Carolina coast, it also brought two young, NCSU students together for the very first time.

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Through a group of mutual friends, Shelby and Sean met during a game of pickup soccer at Lee Field in an outrageous rainstorm. They actually lived in the same dorm and saw each other quite frequently after that.

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Months later, they both volunteered at Relay for Life, and again, played soccer together. This time, they were heading the ball back and forth, and trying to beat their previous attempt. (Their best is 80 for those that might be interested.)

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They both had huge crushes on each other from the very beginning, but played it cool for months. Shelby had a code name for Sean that she used when talking to her friends about him, and Sean took every opportunity to ask her friends if she was asking about him.

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Fast forward 2 years to the fall of 2010, the two were playing soccer again. This time on a co-ed intramural team. (Sean had actually talked to the captain and only agreed to play if Shelby was on the team.)


Then, in the spring, on a co-ed indoor soccer team, Sean bet Shelby he would score 6 goals in a single game. He only scored 5 and had to treat Shelby to a Cookout Tray. Some conspiracy theorists say he scored less on purpose… But they started spending a lot of time together after that.


They went on their first date to Boylan Bridge Brewpub on May 11, 2011; just three days before Shelby left for Malawi for the entire summer. They kept in touch via text messages, emails, and letters, and became very, very close.

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They started officially dating when Shelby returned. Sean had asked, “So, are we?” And they were. And that was that.


A month later, Shelby broke her tibia and fibula playing soccer. Though the injury was traumatic and extremely painful, it also brought Sean and Shelby closer together.


Shelby grew up in a house that backed up to a lake in Cary called Bond Lake. While training for a half marathon, Shelby and Sean often ran to and around Bond Lake. It’s a special place for the two of them, and an especially special place for Shelby, so Sean knew it would be the perfect place to propose.

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When he picked Shelby up that morning, Sean had a nervous excited energy about him that Shelby couldn’t quite put her finger on. On the drive over to the park, “Single Ladies” came on the radio and Shelby jokingly started singing along: “If you like it then you should put a ring on it!” Little did she know, he did like it and was about to put a ring on it!!!

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They walked up to the top of a hill overlooking the lake. It was a brisk morning. There wasn’t anyone else in sight. It was peaceful and perfect. And as Shelby started to stretch, Sean got down on one knee. He said some really sweet things neither of them can remember and popped the magical question. They both cried and she said yes!!

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{From the Bride} The wedding day was absolutely perfect due to people who made it so special. The dance floor overflowed, the speeches were AMAZING, the food was delicious, the music was bumpin, and the venue was perfect. It felt so intimate. People laughed with ones they’d never met as if they were family.

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The stressful part was the fact that we had a giant snowstorm in North Carolina three days before the wedding (and it barely ever snows in NC). It ended up being really special because friends and family went to extreme lengths to make sure they made it for the wedding. Two friends from London literally ended up needing planes, trains, and automobiles to make it — but they did! And the snow ended up looking amazing in the pictures, with wonderful weather the day of the wedding. Although it was stressful, it all worked out and made the day even more memorable!

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{Advice for Couples} My advice for couples planning a wedding is to make sure you make it reflect who you are as a couple and what you value. Just because a friend or magazine tells you that you absolutely HAVE to have something at your wedding doesn’t mean YOU do. ‘Do you’ as they say, and don’t get caught up in the little things. Prioritize what will make your day the most special, and focus on the love, family, friendship, and FUN that will fill the day and the rest of your lives following.


Congratulations, Shelby and Sean, and thank you so much for sharing your love story with us!! Wishing you both much love and laughter in the many years you’ll share together! So many thanks to Robyn Van Dyke Photography for sharing their very special day with us today!!


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