Lavender Wedding Bouquet

I love this country chic lavender wedding from Jennifer Gulley Photography for so many reasons! The first being that it’s filled with all my favorite shades of purple!! The flowers, her shoes, the bridesmaid’s dress, her shoes, the escort cards, the signage… Did I mention her gorgeous shoes?! 🙂 I love the reception (that chandelier is something else all on it’s own)!! I love the sweet signs (“always hers” and “forever his”) on the bride’s and groom’s chairs at the reception. I love their “best dog”!! And their first dance dip kiss makes my heart swoop in my chest!! 🙂 I just love this couple and their wedding day!!

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Megan and Chadd attended the same high school from 2001-2005 and never crossed paths until the last few months when they met through mutual friends. Chadd was always the smarty pants in classes, stirring up trouble to get a few laughs. Megan, on the other hand, was involved in many upper level classes and caused very little trouble in them. Therefore, their first impressions of each other stemmed from curiosity and surprisingly similar humor.

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They immediately clicked during their first few opportunities to hang out together, but it was more friendship than romance to start. They even have a “scope” photo from their Post Prom Party. Chadd did not attend the actual prom, but went to the after party and sweetly asked if he could use his “free picture” to get one of them together. They still have the photo after all this time 🙂

country-chic-lavender-wedding-rings-shoes country-chic-lavender-wedding-jewelry

Megan and Chadd really hit it off during their senior week at the beach where they also shared their very first kiss! They grew quite fond of each other in the weeks that followed and spent nearly every day of the summer together. But a relationship was (sadly) out of the question. Megan was set to leave for college in early August, and despite their growing feelings for each other, decided to part that summer as friends.

country-chic-lavender-wedding-bride-getting-ready country-chic-lavender-wedding-bouquet-bridal-portrait

Almost four years passed before they saw each other again (but both can look back and realize how much time they spent thinking about each other during those years apart). There were always subtle reminders in their every day lives that brought their thoughts back to one another.

country-chic-lavender-wedding-ceremony-aisle-decor country-chic-lavender-wedding-sign-decor-florals country-chic-lavender-wedding-ceremony-first-kiss

It was in 2009, after Megan moved back to Baltimore for a job, that they were reunited once more. Again, thanks to mutual friends, they ran into each other at a bar that they both frequented. Immediately after, Chadd began a search for her phone number. He even begged a friend to ask her for her number instead of asking her himself. They eventually exchanged numbers and planned to go to a Ravens football game together and meet up with friends to tailgate. They were cautious about their feelings for each other after so many years, but they immediately clicked as if they’d never been apart.


During that first spring together, Megan was sent down to Cancun for a month to run the spring break programs for the travel company she works for. And while they refused to call each other “boyfriend and girlfriend,” they arranged for Chadd to go down and meet her and had an amazing time together!


As they were saying goodbye at the end of the week, Megan accidentally muttered “I love you!” Quickly realizing what she’d said, Megan immediately ran off and left Chadd to ponder whether or not he’d heard her right the whole way home. He’d always told her that as soon as they took that step and got serious they’d be moving in together and getting married! Guess he was right 🙂

country-chic-lavender-wedding-bridal-party country-chic-lavender-wedding-bridal-party

December 21st, 2012, according to the Mayan Calendar, was supposed to be the end of the world. When the morning of the 22nd dawned, Chadd decided it was time to propose. That same day, they traveled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to spend Christmas with Megan’s Maw Maw and Paw Paw and other immediate family. He kept checking his carry-on luggage, which should have been a dead giveaway to Megan for what would happen later that day.

country-chic-lavender-wedding-best-dog country-chic-lavender-wedding-best-dog

Megan spent countless summers with her grandparents at their home in Baton Rouge, so Chadd knew it was a very special place in her heart (and thus the perfect place for him to propose). Once everyone was settled in for the evening (complete with Megan in her Christmas PJs) and chatting over cocktails, Chadd insisted Megan join him out front to “check out the neighborhood.” Megan thought his request was totally weird but went anyway.

country-chic-lavender-wedding-kiss country-chic-lavender-wedding-portraits

After a minute or two of small talk, Chadd started rustling around in the ivy below the giant live oak. Out of the ivy came a small box, which Chadd presented to Megan from down on bended knee. His proposal was met with much surprise and many “nah-ah’s” until she finally managed to say, “Yes!!”


{From the Bride} Our wedding day FLEW by as everyone advised us that it would. It was, however, relaxed and fun, not stressed and blurred.


Both of our parents are separated with significant others; therefore, our family was quite the mixing bowl with 8 parents in total!! So our immediate theme for our wedding was the uniting and bringing together of our family.

country-chic-lavender-wedding-bridal-couple country-chic-lavender-wedding-bouquet

We chose our venue based on flexibility and relaxed setting. Briar Patch Bed & Breakfast was our ideal location. We were free to choose vendors of our liking without any restriction, and focus on the details of our day that showed our personalities. We wanted a fun and relaxed atmosphere focusing on the blending of family and friends, and of course, an all-around good time!


My life-long friend, Brian, was the officiant of our wedding ceremony. We planned every word and detail of the ceremony ourselves. It was the perfect balance of showing our deep love for one another as well as our sense of humor. Details included our dog, Boomer, as “best dog”, who escorted my sister and MOH down the aisle, and a champagne toast during the ceremony.


One of our favorite moments was during our vow exchange. As Brian recited, “I promise to laugh with you when times are good,” I was to repeat it back. Instead I said, “I promise to laugh AT you,” which caused everyone to break out in laughter. Needless to say, Chadd made sure to repeat his vows just as I had 🙂


Our first look was one of our favorite choices that we made for our big day. We can be very emotional and wanted our moment to be intimate with no pressure of an audience. Since Chadd proposed under a large oak tree, it made perfect sense to have our first look under a tree. We stood back to back on opposite sides of the tree and read the cards and notes we’d written for each other. Once we composed ourselves, I walked around to Chadd for our first look. It was a lovely and private moment, even if our immediate friends and family were spying on us through the windows of the main house.

country-chic-lavender-wedding-sign country-chic-lavender-wedding-escort-cards-centerpiece

Our first dance was to the song Overwhelmed by Tim McMorris. It is not a very popular song but we knew it would be our perfect first dance song when we discovered it. The words of the song spoke to us and represented our relationship, while having a nice, upbeat tune so as not to be too sappy. We enjoyed inviting all of our parents and both siblings to join us on the dance floor to wrap up our first dance, again reinforcing our theme of bringing our families together.

country-chic-lavender-wedding-dessert-table country-chic-lavender-wedding-favor-dessert-table

The planning period of the wedding, although pretty easygoing, did get overwhelming as I realized just how many details and how much coordination go into a wedding with approximately 150 guests total. Seeing all of those small personal details come to life, however, made it all worthwhile. The day was surely everything we hoped and dreamed it would be!

country-chic-lavender-wedding-chair-decor country-chic-lavender-wedding-reception

{Advice for Couples} Don’t build up the “big moments” of life. Kick your expectations out the door and live in the moment of these experiences and you’ll have no regrets.

Also, give yourself enough time for the planning process. This allows many decisions to be made organically and perfectly fall into place. Start with the big decisions (i.e. theme/concept, venue, and catering), then fill in the small details. Make your ceremony/wedding day unique and personal in your own way – bring life to your ideas!


Congratulations, Megan and Chadd, and thank you so much for sharing your love story with us!! Wishing you both much love and laughter in the many years you’ll share together! So many thanks to Jennifer Gulley Photography for sharing their very special day with us today!!


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