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A How-to Guide to Help you Find and Hire the Right Painting Contractor

You can bet there is a lot that takes for a painting job to be complete, a lot more than the basic brushing up and down the walls. For example, a reliable and experienced painter knows all too well the role that prep work plays in giving the perfect finish once the painting job is complete. There is also the critical and all-important task of choosing the right paint color and quality of paint to have in your home. Could this justify the high demand for professional painting contractors who are hired to handle all these tasks and processes? Well, of course, they are competently trained and equipped with enough skills to make the right judgment when it comes to painting, right? But then again choosing a painting contractor can be a very daunting task for many people. Let this act as your guide to help you make an informed decision and know how to make the process of finding a painter less time-consuming and daunting.

Do not waste your time considering or researching a painter who is not experienced in painting. Because this trade has a significantly high turnover, you might want to concentrate on a painter with at least two years working as a professional painter in the job market. Take the time to find out whether or not the painter has employees, or they prefer dealing with painting subcontractors. Be sure to verify the validity of the general liability and worker’s compensation insurance policies in case the service provider has direct employees. A subcontractor, on the other hand, must have their insurance policies so be sure to verify that as well that it is valid.

Choosing the right painter is also about verifying that they have a legal license to work as painting contractors within your state. A licensed, reputable, insured and bonded painting contractor will not hesitate to show proof of all proper documents. Further, ensure you request for a list of references that can be contacted when you want to know more about the service provider in question.

Is the painter knowledgeable enough on the best materials to be used on your project? The best service provider should be pretty knowledgeable on latest industry trends, products, and techniques. Again, ensure the painter you choose has a good understanding and can advise you on what finishes, and colors would work perfectly for your project at hand. Always insist on getting a formal written estimate of all details agreed upon for the painting project at hand. Some of the details should be the amount of prep work that ought to be done, type of materials and supplies to be used, and details of the warranty.

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