Why Customers Are Selling the High Tech Cosmetics They Love

In 1999 a single mother founded SeneGence, a cosmetics company with a unique philosophy. She searched the globe for safe, natural ingredients and worked with experts to design a line of cosmetics that create a flawless look using natural products. The company also helps women generate healthy incomes by selling the products. Distributors work with mentors who show them how to quick start success.

A Unique Line Includes a Range of Products

SeneGence includes a variety of anti-aging products that are popular among busy women who want cosmetics that help them look their best while protecting skin. The line includes natural products for the eyes, body, and face. The company’s lip products are some of the most popular. Known as LipSense, each product creates a beautiful effect that stays on all day without drying lips. It is especially easy for distributors to Sell Lipsense because it is offered in a rainbow of colors. Customers also love the fact that they can actually restore lip moisture while creating a polished look.

Customers Can Become Distributors

Another unique aspect of the multi-faceted company is that it is committed to making a positive difference in women’s lives. With that in mind, the business offers customers the chance to build their own cosmetic distributorships. The program is carefully structured to encourage success. Each new distributor works with a mentor. The result has been a worldwide network of women who are helping themselves even as they provide customers with high quality products. All the cosmetics they sell are made in the U.S. and tested on humans, not animals. Cosmetics are non GMO and gluten-free. Lip products are free of lead and wax.

Distributors Earn Cash and Incentives

Women who become distributors not only create healthy income streams, they can earn valuable bonuses that enrich their lives. The program offers a career path that includes exceptional compensation. Distributors routinely earn rewards like new car allowances and trips to exotic places.

Thousands of women earn a good living selling scientifically designed makeup that they also wear. Businesses like SeneGence offer clients safe, natural anti-aging products. They also provide distributorship programs that allow women to create their own profitable cosmetic businesses.