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Selling Tips for the extra Diabetic Testing trips in your Storage

If you are a diabetic you need to constantly monitor your blood sugar to live life that is stress free. A blood sugar testing kit will be very helpful when it comes to keeping your sugar levels under control as that is the way to know whether you need to adjust things in your lifestyle such as the diet. Diabetic s will buy different brands of testing kit when they are trying to settle for favorite and the rest are either discarded or left to amass dust.

Being that the shelf life of these kits is very short you will have to discard them eventually. Diabetic testing strips are not that cheap. Many people out there are in need of the strips but due to different reasons such as low incomes and lack of insurance makes it hard for them to access the strips. There are organizations out there that have come out to try and provide the necessities of the diabetics. The good thing is that you can help someone else that is with diabetes if you have extra strips that you have not opened yet and still good to use.

Some will wonder just how a person can have extra diabetes testing strips, it’s possible when a diabetic keeps extra strips for a rainy day and before long they realize that they have more than they need. Instead of tossing them away you can make extras cash for them actually. In an instance where a diabetic member of the family has moved into a care facility or has passed on you will might be left with a lot of supplies with no use for them. There are many scenarios that could see you have strips in good condition. Some people will question how legal it is to sell diabetes testing kits but the fact is that it’s perfectly legal to do so provided you are the legal owner.

Even if the boxes come marked as not for sale you can still sell them just not through a retailer it has to be through the hands of the owner. You need to make sure you stick with the following rules as obvious as they are. The boxes that you are selling need to have the seal intact, seals that have been tampered with means you can’t trust the product you are getting. Some brands will also not sell that much compared to others . Expiration date matters a lot when it comes to diabetic testing strips you need to make sure that it’s at least six months before the expiration date when selling.

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